Hello! I am Stephanie Mueller. I am a fun-loving easy-going happy marketing professional. You want to get to know the lady behind Elefantoosh? Stay tuned for my wild ride ;)

I was born in Iowa and grew up in Central Wisconsin - I have always been the entrepreneurial type. When I was in 5th grade my dad would take me to Sam's Club and we'd buy boxes of candy so I could sell them from my locker.... every garage sale I was making and selling something (from bottles of water to bead geckos to mini cupcakes and more). That's just who I am, if I love something I want other people to enjoy it too! I also love solving problems (yes not having a vending machine at elementary school seemed like a problem back then!) My dad has owned his own business since he was 19 and I have a feeling that had an impact on me (to quote billie eilish, "duh"). My dad owned a carpet cleaning business called Carpet Pro for most of my childhood and I would come help my dad all the time. Whether it was putting stamps on postcards for direct mail campaigns or vacuuming carpet before he went through with a scrubber, my siblings and I learned the value of hard work very quickly.

There were only two things that I knew for sure I wanted when I was growing up - to travel the world and to help people. Here's how it's going so far: When I was 18 I did some traveling and eventually ended up in a few month missionary trip in Ecuador. I never wanted to leave... except that I missed my boyfriend... like any 19 year old girl. When I returned he proposed and we got married young... which lead to having a baby 1.5 years later - whoops! That really adjusted our plan, but Hayley was the best baby in the world and we were thrilled. In that time before she came along I decided to go to beauty school - I love creativity and people so that's perfect right?! I loved that industry but found that I enjoyed the sales, salon management and marketing aspects more than actually doing hair, nails & spa treatments. I decided to go back to school for business and marketing (so I could have my own salon of course) but I fell too hard in love with marketing. so I started working for my dad in his office (I should mention at this point he bought a SECOND business... who does that right?! ) So he was a little busy and I started running the marketing for both companies and management for one of them. I worked my buns off! Plus somewhere in there we had another baby girl, Capri.... how does this keep happening?! (I really need to make a timeline!)

I did some freelance marketing work for multiple different companies while working for my father's businesses, but didn't have enough self-confidence to go out on my own just yet. I started working for a bit larger company in my community so I could learn and grow. That was a great experience that included working on a huge variety of things and over time my confidence built. Fast forward to going 100% on my own now....this year....I'm scared to death, but killing it! I never had enough confidence in myself (why do women do that?!) but now I am finding that I am a force to be reckoned with. A lady boss who always gets done what she sets out to do (can you hear the cape waving behind me?).

soooo....recap: I am happily married to the love of my life, Nathan; have two beautiful smart amazing daughters, Hayley (10) and Capri (8); have made my own career out of all the things I love; and work my butt off for every single person or company that I have the privilege of helping with my business.

So am I accomplishing my childhood dreams? I could definitely travel more, (and plan to!); but helping other people make their dreams come true most certainly checks my "helping people" box!

I hope that if you're reading this that you can see that I am just a normal crazy fun happy person who is REAL - and maybe you want to work with me or get inspired to work your own magic!

p.s. I made my friend Cassie take pictures of me in her backyard 😂 so this is what we came up with lol - it's very "me"

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