Our Coaching Roadmap: GEAR Up Your Business!


We begin our journey by gauging where you are at in your business. We'll cover weaknesses, strengths, business needs, marketing activities, mindset, goals and more.


Next we engineer a plan, a blueprint of what steps need to be taken to reach the goals you have put together. We'll look at not only what is effective marketing and business steps but what is best, reasonable, and achievable for YOUR business.


Here you're going to start working on your marketing as planned in the blueprint. Step by step we'll be here to not only guide you but to keep you on track as your accountability partner. As laid out in our plan we'll be rolling out any new tactics one at a time so that they are not overwhelming or all-consuming.


Finally we'll analyze where you're at after some action and readjust as needed.

Rinse and Repeat

Then we keep moving forward. Marketing doesn't end but having us on your side means it does get easier!

Each coaching appointment is a minimum of 1 hour. Because marketing is not a 1 week long service or a quick fix but rather a growing piece of your business, we ask that people commit to a minimum of 6 months of coaching so that you can truly experience the change and growth as we plan together!

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call and let's see how we can help your business GROW!

Coaching Investment

As a savvy business owner, that should be one of your first questions and I completely understand! I have created 3 packages based on the type of help you feel you need. If you're not sure, set up a no charge discovery call here.

1st Gear

"I need a little help. I'm pretty confident with my marketing & plan to take your tips and run with them, learning many things on my own but with your guidance" - 1st Gear Coaching Client

Perfect for the figure-it-out type of person who just wants a small amount of guidance


1 Coaching Appointment Per Month

2nd Gear

"I need some help. I know some of what I'm doing but I would like a more solid plan. I'll learn some things on my own and some things through my appointments" - 2nd Gear Coaching Client

Perfect for the person who has confidence in their marketing and wants a moderate amount of help


2 Coaching Appointments Per Month

3rd Gear

"I need a lot of help. I am ready to launch my business and would like the accountability and partnership of weekly appointments. I'll plan to learn a few things on my own and many things through coaching" - 3rd Gear Coaching Client

Perfect for the person who is ready to really invest in their business growth and wants a generous amount of help


4 Coaching Appointments Per Month

Ready to get started?

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What if I feel like I need an extra session one month?

‍1+ hour coaching appointments are $100 each when added to a plan

I don't want to sign up for a coaching plan, I just want to schedule a one-time coaching session, can I do that?

Sure, one 1-2 hour coaching session without a plan is $150 and requires 7 days minimum notice so we can send out intake information to be prepared to help you in the way that you're looking for.

What if I would like to do coaching but I'm not sure I want to do that whole GEAR plan?

Hey it's your time! We'll work together to craft a coaching plan that works for you. We want to help you and your business in the way you need it, so schedule a discovery call if you're not quite sure what you want or need.

Ready to get started?

Start by selecting which gear you want to get started with!

(Don’t worry, you can always switch gears if you need more/less help!)

After purchasing your first month, you’ll be redirected to an intake form where you can tell us more about you! After that you’ll be taken to a scheduler to pick your first coaching appointment!